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Enjoy the Thrilling New Shark Boat!

Shark Boat Tween Waters

The newest and most thrilling adventure on the water has joined the watersports brigade at ‘Tween Waters Island Resort & Spa! Replacing the banana boat, the new “shark boat” has guests zooming across the water and splashing through the surf in a thrilling ride. The new boat holds up to 6 passengers, which makes it perfect for big groups or families ready for a good time!

Better than the banana boat, the shark boat has individual seats that keep riders safe and separated. With double the size of the banana boat, the shape and size of the shark boat helps riders to board the boat easier, keep riders on the boat, and keep them stabilized. The boat also has foam handles with knuckle guards to help guests hold on during the ride with ease.

Guests glide through the Gulf side, splashing through waves on this 12 to 15 minute ride. Enjoy it all for just $20 per rider, available with Captiva Water Sports located on-location at the ‘Tween Waters Marina or beach stand. The shark boat is pulled behind a jet ski and operated by a USCG licensed Captain. Riders must be over 40lbs and under 250lbs, and riders under 18 must have a parent or guardian present to consent.

If you’re looking for more adventure watersports while at ‘Tween Waters, try jet ski tours and rentals, parasailing, and private boat rentals — all hosted through Captiva Water Sports — available at the ‘Tween Waters Marina. Visit Captiva Water Sports for more information on the shark rides or call 239-472-6336 to book your next adventure with Captiva Waters Sports.


A Parasailing Adventure on Captiva Island

Parasailing Tween Waters Inn

I once tried to go parasailing in South Padre Islands, but the two young men running the boat had never worked a parasailing adventure before in their life. Their plan? Stand on the raft out in the water and hit the engines in hope that the force and speed brought me up into the air like a kite. The result? I was dragged through the water like a fish on the line. The parasail was soaked and no one else could ride the rest of the day…and I lost my sunglasses.

Fast-forward to yesterday, when I risked another pair of sunglasses and my nerves and headed to ‘Tween Waters Inn and Captiva Water Sports for the adventure of a lifetime. No more college students with a “plan.” No more standing on a raft in the middle of the ocean. No more being dragged through the water when they hit the gas. Nope. This was the professional deal — complete with branded ‘Tween Waters Inn parasail.

Despite my need for all things adventure, I was nervous as hell to try out this specific adventure, but with $90 in hand (single rider, $80pp double or triple riders), I summed the courage and stepped out on a nice ledge attached to the boat. From there, it was as easy as reeling me in and out like a fishing pole toward the sky and we were off.

And let me tell you, there is something surreal about seeing all those miles of beach and bay from the sky. Despite being considered an adrenaline-packed adventure, I’ve never felt so at peace. Maybe it was the roar of the water, boat and wind, or the way the sun reflected on the water, but I will remember this day in my dreams.

To book your adventure, stop by the ‘Tween Waters Inn Marina, or call 239.472.5161 X442 or 239.472.6336 or Book Online Here.