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Rain or Shine, Girls’ Reunion

What happens when three old friends from high school find each other on Facebook? A get-together reunion at ‘Tween Waters is planned, of course! This recently happened to me and two of my dear friends, Holly and Tina, whom I hadn’t seen in 20+ years.

For our stay, I booked us a gulfview suite with two queen beds, which was plenty spacious, even with loads of baggage. From our balcony, we could see the beach, and the onsite restaurants were just steps away.

The only drawback of our weekend was the weather! You can never control summer thunder storms in Florida, but we definitely were the recipients of a weekend washout. But a little rain (OK, a LOT of rain) couldn’t dampen our spirits. Storms bring up seashells, so we shelled in the rain, got manicures in the spa, and our Girls-Night-In was the best! We ordered a couple movies (aka Chick Flicks) to watch on the suite TV, and got dinners to go from Captiva House (we got one last taste before they closed till the fall for remodeling). So, there we were, curled up on the couch drinking champagne, eating seafood lasagna and key lime pie, watching 50 Shades Darker…yeah, it was awesome!

Spending a rainy weekend with these two ladies was an absolute blessing. Time has changed us all physically, yet at the core, we are the same fun-loving girls from yesteryear. On a side note, between us, we have 9 children – it’s no wonder we’ve lost of minds!

Next time, we’re hoping to lounge by the pool, sip piña coladas, and soak in some sun. Until then, we’ll be on Facebook.


Rubbed the Right Way at the Spa at ‘Tween Waters Inn

The pool outside the spa at 'Tween Waters Inn
The pool outside the spa at ‘Tween Waters Inn

Colleen looked as though she had been poured into the chair. She had already had her reflexology treatment before MaryBeth and I arrived to the Spa at ‘Tween Waters Inn Island Resort & Spa, tucked into an intimate space overlooking the pool. We were arriving for our respective services, the kick-off to a short but sweet midweek girls getaway.

As therapist Heather tenderized my slumped-over-a-computer kinks, I decided one does not need an excuse to sneak off for a re-energizing jolt such as this. It should be part of a scheduled maintenance routine. A tune-up for the soul.

Kathy at the reception desk welcomed us warmly as we sipped refreshing chilled water infused with fruits and listened to Colleen’s raves. Minutes later I crawled up on the warmed massage bed for my 50-minute therapeutic massage – something between a relaxation and deep tissue massage that Heather customized perfectly to my requests. Her able hands found and kneaded every stress knot in my neck and shoulders. A little Swedish, a little shiatsu, and a finish with hot stones: She was fully in the experience.

MaryBeth did the complete stone massage with Georgie, the spa’s able owner, and emerged when I did with that same Zen look of peace and near-stupor.

The warm welcome at the Spa at 'Tween Waters Inn
The warm welcome at the Spa at ‘Tween Waters Inn

The ‘Tween Waters spa is full service with a couple’s room, dry sauna, and a complete menu of massages, facials, and salon services. What’s your excuse for not making an appointment today?