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Savoring Your Island Favorites And Relaxing Go Hand In Hand

frozen_margaritaGetting away from it all, visiting new or familiar places, a little fresh air and simply taking it easy does wonders for an appetite that may have been sagging.

Visitors to the Islands often report that they start to let go of their stress while traveling along the Sanibel Causeway and taking in the beautiful views. It’s only natural that an appetite for their favorite foods always seems to follow as they get settled in for a visit.

On Sanibel & Captiva Islands food options are numerous with so many unusual island places and menus to enjoy. Ask the locals for popular suggestions and in no time, I know from experience that the hamburgers and grouper sandwiches served at Tween-Waters Inn are sure to be recommended as the best around the islands.

We all know that the hamburger is a favorite food for almost everyone, add a fresh grouper sandwich available in SWFL unlike so many other places and the combination is a perfect choice for land lubbers and sea farers alike, adults and children. Make this suggestion to any travel group you’re with and you’ll get lots of enthusiastic responses from the crowd saying, “okay, that sounds great.”

scamp-grouper-mycteroperca-phenaxWhile the salt air, the Gulf of Mexico view and the relaxed, island environment may peak an appetite, it’s the great food prepared just right at Tween-Waters Inn that satisfies the senses. Visit this link to view the Oasis Pool Bar OR Crow’s Nest menus ahead of time. Paired with a fresh, frozen fruit drink with or without a rum spike from one of the Tween-Waters bars, and you’ll feel heavenly.

When your meal is done and you are on the way to enjoy islands sights, nature, and the beaches, you’ll be happy I shared the great reputation of these savory favorites with you. Unless of course you already know… Lots of people do!

Most importantly, enjoy.



Culinary Gladness Served With A Side Of Sparkling Gulf Beach



The Crow’s Nest Beach Bar & Grille offers a setting to remember everyday and for every occasion.

In the late afternoon, it’s a warm and rich environment filled with scrumptious smells, light conversation and music. During the day, a wash of sunshine fills the room from the windows located next to the booths with a view of the beach.

At night when things get dark outside, the Crow’s Nest is dedicated to entertaining guests who come from near and far, ready to settle in and share some fun with old and new friends they make. Dinner the night we visited was intentionally before sunset, and the setting was quiet, relaxed and easygoing. The menu offered us all kinds of delightful options: See for yourself the array of choices… Our dinner included the Captiva Favorite: Gulf Shrimp ’N’ Grits, along with a Fresh Grouper Sandwich served on a homemade bun.

Did you see the creative, culinary madness on the menu for yourself? Our only care was to select ‘that one choice’ we wanted to enjoy from so many that sounded so good. From soups to salads, shrimp, grouper, and lobster, ahi tuna, bruschetta, mozzarella or wings, these are all available as appetizers and intended to get your party started.



All this and a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Munch down on your favorite sandwich served the ‘Tweenie way. Get adventurous with choices like mahi mahi, roasted chicken, a pot pie, the fresh catch of the day, unique pizza, ribs or a ribeye. Then top it off with any of the unique options served by the Crow’s Nest bar.

If you prefer, come for just coffee and dessert because your options for both, we can report, are definitely worth it. Most importantly, take a stroll after you eat down to the beach and enjoy!