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Babymoons are Legendary at ‘Tween Waters Inn

If you’re a parent-to-be, have you thought about going on a babymoon? It’s more than a trend, it’s your last chance for a romantic getaway with your spouse before baby makes three!

‘Tween Waters Inn is the ideal destination to celebrate your upcoming bundle of joy and bask in the glow…of your pregnancy. For starters, treat yourself to a pre-natal massage at The Spa at ‘Tween Waters. It’s nearly one hour of pure bliss and it’s safe for baby. Walks on the beach are made for the two of you, and while it might be near impossible to sit in the sand, you can surely relax in a chaise lounger (with your swollen ankles up), sip a virgin daiquiri, and witness a famous Captiva sunset.

When it’s time to indulge your cravings, make reservations at Captiva House for the most romantic meal on the island. While sushi and alcohol may be on your list of things to avoid, there’s an entire menu of gourmet cuisine to please your palate. Or, if you’re hankering for a great burger, walk over to the casual and fun Crow’s Nest. (For dessert, you can’t go wrong with locally made Queenie’s Ice Cream, so rich and creamy!)

I’d also suggest making an appointment with local photographer, Milissa Sprecher for a baby bump photography session, because while you may feel like you’re carrying around a 30-pound basketball, you’ve never looked more beautiful.

It’s true, babymoons and ‘Tween Waters Inn go hand-in-hand, like peas and carrots (which you’ll soon be serving a lot of, from baby food jars). Congratulations to both of you! (And thank you to my fellow blogger friend, Kara Franker and her husband Jeremy for letting me share a photo of their pregnancy announcement. Lola is expected to arrive in January 2017.)




Lighten Your Load: Baby Gear at ‘Tween Waters Inn

If you’ve ever thought, “We can’t go on vacation with the baby, how would we ever get all this stuff there?” The high chair, the crib, that vibrating bouncy seat, baby’s bath tub…how can such a small person need so many big things?

One of your options from Island Rental Services for baby gear rental.
One of your options from Island Rental Services for baby gear rental.

‘Tween Waters Inn understands your traveling dilemma, so they’re happy to offer items like complimentary cribs and Pack n Plays. They also have established relationships with local baby equipment rental companies, like Sanibel Rental Service and Island Rentals, so you won’t have to be without any of the conveniences that you have at home.

In fact, this might be a great time to try out that jogging stroller you’ve been thinking about, or that baby swing. Try it before you buy it. Car seats, booster seats, bounce seats, wash tubs, high chairs, baby swings, even beach wagons – all delivered to your room. (Note that choosing larger accommodations will benefit you greatly when traveling with little ones and will enable you to fit all the gear you need inside your room.)

For things like diapers, wipes, and formula, there are grocery stores on-island; there are even a few baby boutiques with adorable island wear.

Onsite, the shaded toddler wading pool is the place to hang out with your little one. You don’t even have to pack Swim Diapers; they’re sold onsite right next to the pool.

Traveling with little ones doesn’t have to stink. Ha ha. You just have to stay at the right family friendly place, like ‘Tween Waters Inn. I hope this gives you the courage to come visit.

Parents can rent all kinds of baby gear, including exersaucers, while at 'Tween Waters Inn.
Parents can rent all kinds of baby gear, including exersaucers, while at ‘Tween Waters Inn.