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The tween takes over at the ‘Tween Waters Inn

It’s not easy being 10. You can’t drive a car. You can’t stay up super late. Sheesh… if you’re in my family, your parents won’t even let you have a phone. But it’s not all bad either. Because if you happen to have a dad who’s an adventure writer for the ‘Tween Waters Inn, he … Read moreThe tween takes over at the ‘Tween Waters Inn

Turning a long day into a solstice celebration

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. But it’s got nothing to do with Santa, Rudolph or stuffed stockings. Rather, for those lucky enough to spend time in Southwest Florida, it’s an annual sun-drenched celebration known as the summer solstice. The Old Farmer’s Almanac defines the solstice as the mid-June instant in the Northern … Read moreTurning a long day into a solstice celebration

Sun-drenched and stoked on the Captiva shoreline

The Banzai Pipeline at Oahu. The massive swells off the coast near San Francisco. The sandy point breaks along Puerto Escondido in southern Mexico. They’re among the world’s premier spots for surf enthusiasts. But in case you hadn’t noticed, the island of Captiva isn’t included. Compared to the jetties, piers, coves, points and turbulent ocean … Read moreSun-drenched and stoked on the Captiva shoreline

Coolly cruising Captiva in a little “Scoot Coupe”

I had all the posters on my wall. The lemon-yellow Indy 500 racer coolly piloted by Rick Mears. The tri-colored Pontiac that helped Richard Petty annually rule Daytona. The black-and-gold Trans Am every pre-teen boy was sure would make him as cool as Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit. Even the navy blue Harley-Davidson … Read moreCoolly cruising Captiva in a little “Scoot Coupe”

Getting water-logged to chase a flying Fox

If you ask me, Michael J. Fox is the culprit. After all, it was a movie in which he played a starring role — 1989’s “Back to the Future Part II” — that first made red-blooded American boys like me start dreaming about the airborne sweet spot somewhere between terra firma and a jet airliner … Read moreGetting water-logged to chase a flying Fox

Searching for Shell-Halla in the dead of winter

The Weather Channel was in ghastly form. Three-quarters of the country below freezing. More than 40 percent experiencing wintry precipitation. And measurable amounts of the white stuff falling in North Florida from Tallahassee to Gainesville. But just when it seemed the Jim Cantore basic cable film festival would never end, a thought suddenly occurred to … Read moreSearching for Shell-Halla in the dead of winter

All the World’s a (Terrifying) Stage

My first concert was Van Halen. My first poster was Bruce Springsteen. My first girlfriend would have ditched me for Jon Bon Jovi. So, needless to say, music has played a role in my life for many years. And it’s no stretch to suggest – alongside champion boxer and prolific author – that being the … Read moreAll the World’s a (Terrifying) Stage

Turning rainy season into Tween Waters rainbows

Greetings weary (or soon-to-be weary) traveler. If you’ve made it to this portion of the Tween Waters Inn website, there’s a good chance you’ve either arrived here in blissful Southwest Florida or have plunked down non-refundable airfare for a trip. So now that that’s done, it’s time for your favorite outdoor adventurer to come clean. … Read moreTurning rainy season into Tween Waters rainbows

Picnics, puffer fish and Eric Milton: A new captain meets the high seas

As spring break destinations go, it’s a hard one to beat. And though some instinctively link the term with Daytona and Miami Beach, the Sunshine State’s southwest coast offers an experience that’s light on debauchery and heavy on chill. Unless, of course, you’ve never steered a boat before. The latter was true for me on … Read morePicnics, puffer fish and Eric Milton: A new captain meets the high seas

The ABCs of a ‘Tween Waters vacation

Congratulations. You’ve found your way to Southwest Florida, left the mainland behind via the causeway bridge and survived the trek down Captiva Drive to reach your vacation Valhalla – the ‘Tween Waters Inn. Still, if you’re thinking the most challenging part of the voyage is done… think again. Now that the suitcase is unpacked and … Read moreThe ABCs of a ‘Tween Waters vacation

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Lyle Fitzsimmons is a true sports enthusiast who currently writes online columns for The Sports Network and CBS Interactive. Along with his wife and son, he enjoys the great outdoors — on land, water or even airborne — and looks forward to sharing how ‘Tween Waters Inn Island Resort & Spa can lead you on one active adventure after another.