Top Florida Beaches

Tween Water Beaches
Relax on the private beach at ‘Tween Waters Inn.
If you are searching the best beaches in Florida to find the perfect couples vacation, you need not look any further than Captiva Island. The country’s top authority on beaches, “Dr. Beach” Stephen Leatherman, recognized Captiva as one of the most romantic beaches in the U.S. for two years in a row. In particular, he noted Captiva’s tranquility, abundance of shells and – of course – splendid sunsets.

Captiva Island vacations provide a real sense of escape. This beautifully preserved destination is surrounded by lush vegetation, wide beaches and tranquil Gulf waters. There are no crowds, no high-rise condos and no chain restaurants in sight. The beach at ‘Tween Waters Inn offers cabanas and umbrellas so that you can stretch out and let the hours roll by. Or if you prefer to engage in activity while you soak in the warm Florida sunshine, ‘Tween Waters Inn also provides a beach volleyball court and bike rentals.
Tween Waters Beaches Shells
Fighting Conch shells found on Captiva Island.
Together, Captiva and Sanibel Islands are known as one of the top shelling beaches in the entire world. Whereas most islands have a north and south orientation, Captiva and Sanibel have an east and west orientation that washes up a unique variety of seashells from the Gulf of Mexico. As you stroll these top Florida beaches, you will find a variety of sea treasures including lightning whelks, sand dollars, and shark eye and cockle shells.

Couples romantic getaways and beautiful beaches go hand in hand. You will enjoy one of the best beaches in Florida on your escape to ‘Tween Waters Inn.